About Us

Akashic Ventures are Leeds’ newest event marketing company. They create dynamic and engaging spaces where they can meet and interact with consumers on a face-to-face basis.

Press releases

Akashic Ventures: “Accelerate Your Career by Improving Industry Integrity”

Integrity is often a misunderstood and misused term within business, and for this reason, Akashic Ventures have been investigating the true... read more

06.09.2017 • By Akashic Ventures

Fear is just a four letter word proclaims Akashic Ventures

Leeds-based outsourced sales and marketing specialists Akashic Ventures argues that fear is just a four-letter word, and have provided ten tips... read more

04.07.2017 • By Akashic Ventures

Akashic Ventures Speak Up About Having No Limitations

To inspire their young workforce, Akashic Ventures held a companywide meeting on creating a ‘no limitations' mindset and how this is integral... read more

18.05.2017 • By Akashic Ventures

Akashic Ventures Release Statement on Shifting from Employee to...

Offering self-starter opportunities, Akashic Ventures has recognised that making the move from an employee way of thinking to that of an... read more

17.05.2017 • By Akashic Ventures